Adult Mentoring Service


REVIVAL, our new mentoring service, can assist in your recovery from alcohol and drugs problems. We particularly want to help people overcome isolation and loneliness caused by alcohol and drugs problems

We can offer you

  • One to one support with a trained volunteer mentor.
  • Access to a bespoke “Life Development Programme”
  • Social activities to meet new people and have some fun!


We take great care when matching people, aiming to match people with similar interests wherever possible. Once we have identified a suitable volunteer mentor you will be contacted by us and given the opportunity to meet.

Sounds interesting….now what?

Call us in Castle Douglas on 01556 503550 regardless of where you live [Contact Us]. We will ask for a few personal details so that we can contact you again. This only takes five minutes, although you may wish to tell us more about the problems you are experiencing if you wish.

An appointment will then be sent out for one of our Mentoring Officers to visit you to discuss ways in which our services may help you. This will usually be within two weeks.

The Mentoring Officer will then try to find a suitable mentoring match for you and will make an appointment to introduce you to your mentor. This can take some time, depending upon which of our volunteers are available.

Life Development Programme

The aim of the programme is to help participants move on in their lives. We will assist service users to source employment, find training opportunities, move into Higher Education, volunteer with us and others, or simply to feel more confident in their day to day lives! Further information is available  to download from our RESOURCES section.

Course Outline

A 6 week programme of 12 sessions, with 2 sessions per week. Food and transport are provided. Sessions include

  • methods of learning,
  • “Living Life to the Full”,
  • cooking and keeping well skills,
  • IT skills, wellness recovery,
  • money management and benefits maximisation
  • managing relationshipsemployability skills.
  • training and volunteering opportunities

The final week brings all the sessions together to look at further education & training, volunteering opportunities and then a celebration of achievements.


Different organisations have been invited to present on their area of expertise, which will provide the user with knowledge, skills and an enthusiasm to put the teaching into action. The service user has to be referred to the REVIVAL service and has or had a problem with alcohol or drugs but they don’t need to be part of a group or be matched with a Volunteer Mentor.

Train as a volunteer mentor with ADS

  • Do you have the ability to listen, maintain confidentiality and be a positive role model? If the answer is yes, you might consider training with ADS to become a volunteer mentor.
  • Volunteers build relationships by spending time with service users and encouraging them into social /community activities
  • No previous experience required
  • Full training given
  • 2 years free from personal substance issues required
  • All out of pocket expenses paid

After completing our initial training programme, volunteer mentors receive monthly supervision and access to ongoing support and training to further develop their skills. Last year, 29% of our volunteers went on to paid employment, either with us or with other social care organisations.


Please get in touch

We run training programmes at various times and locations across the region. Call us in Castle Douglas on 01556 503550, regardless of where you live [Contact Us]. Our staff are waiting to take your call, and will guide you through the application process. Alternatively, enquiry forms are available to download from our Resources Page.  Please return your completed form to our Castle Douglas office.

ADS welcomes comments and feedback on our services. If things go wrong, we would like to know and be able to put things right. Full details of our Complaints Procedure, plus leaflets, can be found in the Resources section of this website.

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