Gardening Project

Gardeners' Tea BreakFrom an overgrown and bramble infested site in Crossmichael, just outside Castle Douglas, a functioning plot growing over 25 different vegetables and a variety of flowers has been established by ADS service users, volunteers and staff. It has been hard work, employing a variety of skills, for example joinery, path making, stone dyking, construction as well as planting and propagation.

Everyone has learnt by trial and error and when things haven’t worked we have asked the questions why and come up with possible solutions. We have had a consistent flow of volunteers and have an established core group who attend regular sessions.

The local community have been very supportive and we have received many donations of plants and materials for the garden. Also we have offered our services to the local residents for example grass cutting, hedge trimming which has brought in donations to our project.

Local agencies have also contributed to the garden project; we had a recycled bottle greenhouse donated from Dumfries and Galloway College as well as a regular supply of wood. Work experience from the Princes Trust young people’s project, Criminal justice service – community service as well referrals of volunteers from Community Learning and Development, Volunteer Action.

Plans are underway to develop similar projects elsewhere in the region. So, if you are green-fingered, like being outside come rain or shine, you might like to get involved. Please phone our Garden Project Co-ordinator on 01556 503550 to get further information


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