Specialist Alcohol & Drugs Talking Therapies

What is Talking Therapy?

Talking Therapy, also known as counselling is a personal, one to one relationship in which you can explore your thoughts and feelings with someone who has the skill to help you. It is not an advice service.

Advice givers, whether friends or professionals, seldom know the real you, but they will tell you what they think is best for you or what has worked for themselves or other people. But as we are all individuals, the advice-giving approach does not always suit everyone.

Counsellors try to find out how you usually approach problems and what you have tried before. What worked or didn’t? What do you think might be useful? What do you feel is most appropriate? As you actually know more about yourself than anyone else does, the counsellor will ask you about you.


Our Talking Therapy Standards

We work hard to offer a good standard of service to all of our clients. To do this we ensure that our talking therapists:

  • receive ongoing training and development
  • receive clinical supervision
  • adhere to COSCA Statement of Ethics and Code of Practice
  • respect our clients as individuals


How To Access Our Talking Therapies  Service

If you have an alcohol or drugs problem and would like to talk to one of our therapists, please contact us 01556 503550 [Contact Us], regardless of where you live. Our administration team will organise an appointment for you to speak to one of the Therapy team.

COVID pandemic restrictions mean that we are offering the service by telephone and / or webcam.

Further information is available to download here

We welcome comments and feedback on our services. If things go wrong, we would like to know and be able to put things right. Click here to review our complaints procedure. You can also complain directly to COSCA [Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland] by calling 01786 475140

If your life is affected in any way by alcohol, drugs or gambling problems, we may be able to help.