Housing Support Service

What is Housing Support?

The Housing Support Service is commissioned by Dumfries and Galloway Council to provide outreach specialist housing support for people who are homeless or have difficulty in obtaining or maintaining their tenancies in circumstances related to their alcohol or drug use.

Support workers can help you to:

  • Settle in to your new temporary accommodation and/or permanent home.
  • Develop independent living skills, such as managing finances, dealing with welfare benefit claims and general house maintenance.
  • Develop an awareness of theimpact your  behaviour can have on those around you—neighbours, family and friends
  • Reduce the harm your  alcohol or drug use has on yourself or others



Working with you

We will work with you to identify the  issues you are having problems with. This will help us to determine what help you need from us.  If you are eligible for housing support,  we will work together to develop a support plan, setting out what you want to achieve.  We will agree the amount of support required,  and also  identify the most suitable member of our team available to work with you.


How to access the Housing Support Service

To receive our Housing Support Service you must be referred to us by Dumfries and Galloway Homeless/Housing Options Team.

If you are currently homeless or feel your tenancy is at risk then please go to your local council offices and ask for advice or alternatively contact: 030 33 33 3000 and ask to speak to a member of your local homeless team.

Further information is available to download here

ADS welcomes comments and feedback on our services. If things go wrong, we would like to know and be able to put things right. Click here to review our complaints procedure.  You can also complain directly to the Care Inspectorate by calling 0345 600 9527

If your life is affected in any way by alcohol, drugs or gambling problems, we may be able to help.