Charity Trustee Recruitment Pack

ADS Summary Information 2017

Charity Trustee Application Form 2017

Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form 2017

Trustee Responsibilities 2017

ADS Inspection Report 2017

ADS Annual Report 2016-2017

ADS Audited Accounts 2016-2017

General Information

ADS Annual Report 2016-2017

ADS Annual Report 2015-2016

ADS Annual Report 2014-2015

All Service Leaflet June 2017

Operational Policy 2 Complaints July 2015

Complaints Talking Therapies COSCA June 2015

General Complaints Leaflet June 2015

Cutting Down Your Drinking

Pocket Drinks Diary

REVIVAL Mentoring Service

REVIVAL April 2015 – Copy

Volunteer Enquiry Form Oct 2013

Life Development Prog Leaflet Stranraer Feb 2014

Life Development Prog Leaflet Dumfries Feb 2014

Talking Therapies Service

Talking Therapies June 2017

ADS Evaluation of ADS Talking Therapies Contract Feb 2017

Specialist Gambling Counselling Service

Gambling Problem – A Guide to Help and Support

Supporting a Problem Gambler – Family and Friends Guide

Remote Gambling – A Guide to Help and Preventing Access

Women Gamble Too РA Guide to Help and Support 

Housing Support Service

Housing Support Leaflet May 2015

ADS Inspection Report 2017



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